November 11, 2014

DIY - How to Identify Your Nail Polish!

Hey everyone!  Sorry I was a little late on the nail challenge post today, I had school all day.  But I also did a little project afterwards that I wanted to share with ya'll.  

A while back, I got this little "kit" with like soap, perfume, bubble bath and other little things like that in it.  I've used all the stuff and have ended up with the cute little carrier it came in (above).  The other day, I was packing up my nail polish to take to my friend's house and I was like "hey!  I can use my little case for my nail polish!" and so now that's what I use it for :)  Anyway, I noticed yesterday that if I want a certain color I have to pull out bottle after bottle looking for the color I wanted.  It's a little time consuming so I decided to fix that today!  I made a little tutorial for it, which is below.

First, take a piece of cardstock, (paper will work as well, but the final product will not be as great) and write down all the names of your nail polish.  If you have 10 colors, there should be 10 names.  I have 28.

Next, take each color and paint a little swatch of it under the name that matches.  For example, I have a bottle of nail polish that's the color red and it's named "siren".  So up at the top, fourth from the left, I wrote "siren" and underneath it I painted a little bit of red.  Do this with every color (except clear)

After the swatches of paint are dry, go through with a hole punch and punch a hold in each swatch.  DO NOT THROW AWAY THE LITTLE CIRCLES THAT COME OUT!  THESE ARE WHAT YOU WILL BE WORKING WITH!  

I noticed three things while I was doing this...
1.  I have a lot of pink and blue nail polish.
2.  The closer I got to the end, the bigger my paint swatches were.
3.  It is very tedious trying to keep up with a bunch of little circles falling out of a hole punch.

As I punched holes, I took each one and just placed it on top of the bottle of nail polish it matched.  For another example, when I punched a hole in the red (aka siren, second from the left in the picture above) I picked up the little circle and just placed it on top of the lid.

To attach the little circles to the lids, I used a bottle of glue because I couldn't find any tape or gluesticks.  A glue stick would probably be easier, however since I have not tried it I do not know how well it sticks.  Anyway, place a small dot of glue on the lid of your bottle (it doesn't have to be perfectly in the center!) then put the circle on top and press it down.

I also realized just now that I have used my bottle of red polish in almost every picture as an example.  That's weird 'cause I didn't even plan it that way!  :)

Just a couple exceptions, I did not put a colored circle on these two bottles (shown above and below) because they both had a raised symbol on top.  Since they are the only ones I have like that, and they are both different, I know what they are without the color swatch.  I also did not put one on clear because, 1.  you can't see clear on paper, and 2.  my clear has a blue lid, and is the only one I have like that so I also automatically know what it is.

The other bottle with a raised symbol.

Just something else to point out real quick.  I had a few bottles where the sticker with the name and everything was on top of the lid.  I just put the swatch over to the side (as shown above) so that the name was still visible.  That's just what I preferred though, you can do whatever.

Yay!  I can now find all my colors without literally pulling out every bottle, because somehow, when I do that, the one I want is like the very last one I pull out!  :)  Anyway, hope ya'll enjoyed this DIY.  Check back tomorrow for the next day of the nail challenge!