About Hannah

Hey ya'll!  I'm Hannah from Knoxville and I'm so glad you decided to stop by!  I hope you enjoy reading about some of my crazy DIY's and a few of my "adventures" that I've posted.  Below are a few "fun" facts about me...

-  I have been an "artist" since the age of 2.  My mom likes to tell people how I would sit in front of the TV as a little 2 yr old doing coloring pages and talking on and on about how I wanted to "be an artist when I grow up" (although it probably sounded more like "I wanna be an aw-tis' when I gwow up") :)

-  I am now 14 and still love coloring pages (no joke)

-  Just a few of my hobbies include swimming, photography, nail art, baking, reading, sewing/crafting, and any other type of art (painting, drawing, sharpie-ing [I'm actually not sure if that's a thing or if I made it up :) ] digital art, etc.)

-  I'm VERY involved with my local 4-H groups and participate in many of my art competitions through my 4-H Club.

-  I am an Ambassador with TeenPact Leadership Schools (www.teenpact.com) which is AWESOME!

-  To expand on my hobby of sewing, I have recently started designing and sewing some of my clothing (like, making my own pattern instead of buying one.  It's SUPER fun!!)

-  As of right now, I'm getting ready for the Tennessee Valley Fair and currently have 54 registered entries - all of them involve photography, crafting, painting, and sewing (photos soon to come on my Other Crafts... page)

-  I love to travel and have currently been to 7 countries and about 13-15 states.  I'm going on a Mediterranean Cruise in a couple months and will have the opportunity to visit 5 more countries including Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, and Israel.  I'm SO excited!! :)

That's all I can think of for now... Once again, I hope you enjoy looking around my blog!  See ya around,

~ Hannah