August 21, 2014

DIY - Super Stripes Nail Art! - Taping

Ok, so I know that nail art isn't really considered a craft to most people but since I like doing it, I'll post some for you to see ;)

For Super Stripes Nail Art, you will need:

- Two colors of nail polish: I used pink and purple
- Tape
- Scissors

First, you choose which color you want for your base coat and which color you want for your stripes.  Then you put on your base coat, one or two coats depending on the color.  In the pictures, my base coat is pink and my stripes will be purple.  

Painting the base coat (pink).  After you paint the base coat, it needs to dry thoroughly before you can move on to the next step. Tip:  I use a hair dryer on low to dry each coat after I paint it.  

After your base coat is dry, cut two pieces of tape and place them on each side of your nail, leaving a "gap" in the middle. This "gap" will be your stripe.

Next, take your stripe color (mine is purple!) and paint it down the "gap".  It's ok if it gets on the tape, you will peel that off.

Let the stripe color dry for about 30 seconds then slowly peel the tape off.  If you try to rip it, you will take all your polish with you! 

The result.

Skip over your ring finger (we will come back to it later) and do the same with the 3 remaining fingers.  Then do the whole thing over on your other hand, skipping the ring finger.

When the tape has been peeled off.

Next, on your ring fingers, place two pieces of tape creating a "gap" on the edge of your nail.  Not the very edge, just farther over than the other fingers.  And it doesn't matter which direction.

Paint the stripe and peel the tape off.  (notice how much farther over the stripe is!)

When the ring finger stripes are completely dried (they have to be DRY!) place two more pieces of tape creating a horizontal "gap" towards the end of your nail.  

Paint the "gap" and peel off the tape.  If the tape still peels off part of the vertical stripe, dip a toothpick in your polish to touch it up.

After you have done the same to both hands, you're done!!! Great job!!! 

 If there is paint on your fingers around your nails, take a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and rub it around your nails.  You can add a top coat if wanted.

Hope you enjoyed DIY - Super Stripes Nail Art.  I'd love to see pics of things you've done!!!

Coming soon:  DIY - Puzzle Piece Nail Art