August 25, 2014

DIY - Back to School Planner

Ok, since everyone is headed back to school, I decided to post on making your own back to school planner!!!

For this DIY project, you'll need:

A 1" binder
Divider Tabs
Notebook paper
Plain printer paper
Colored paper
A spiral bound notebook - optional
Paper folder(s) - optional
A mini store-bought planner - optional

First, you need to decide what you want the sections of your planner to be labeled.  I chose to put 8 sections in mine, but you can do as many or as few as you like!  This is how I am going to label my sections. (above)

After you choose your labels, you need to put them in the tabs.  You don't always have to use these divider tabs, you can use Post It notes, sticky tabs, or even paint color samples!!!

I am using my planner for school, so I taped a copy of my school schedule inside the front cover of my binder.  This is a good idea for remembering where you are supposed to be (;D) and just in case it gets lost, someone can know who to give it to.

Next, you need to put your dividers in the binder.  You can put them in any order you want!!!

Now, you don't have to do this part right away, but at some point you need to make a cool cover for your planner!  I did mine in the middle so I could have a picture to show you but you can do it at any time you want.  I used to design mine.  All you have to do is go to their website and click "design" at the top. They will give you a "canvas" and you just create whatever you want!!!  (this is also a good website for editing pics!)

You don't have to add this part but to personalize mine a little bit more, I took 4 sheets of colored paper and cut them in half.  I then glued them to the front of each page divider.

After I glued the papers on, I used sharpies to write the label on the front and you can also add decorations (stars, hearts, etc.).

Next, you put notebook paper in each section.  This paper can be used to write notes to yourself, write down homework assignments, when you will have a test coming up etc.  Use colorful pens and highlighters to decorate and personalize your pages!!!

These next three things are optional but in the 4-H section of my planner I added a paper folder.  I usually get a lot of handouts at 4-H meetings so instead of having to wait and punch holes, then put the papers in my binder, I will just have a folder to put them in!

I also added a spiral bound notebook to the back pocket of my planner.  I use this to doodle in, write down homework assignments, write reports, and take notes in during class.  

Last, I added a mini store bought planner to the front pocket of my big planner.  This is where my calendar is for me to write down events coming up and keep that organized.  It also has personal info in case of emergency.

Now, you can also add some plain printer paper to the "other" section of your planner.  This can be used to doodle, etc. 

Once you add everything, you're done!  Remember, this is YOUR planner so you can add or take away anything you want.  Now, get some pens and stickers and start planning!