My Photography

The Tennessee Valley Fair is coming back to Knoxville in less than a month!!  Here is some of the photography I am entering in the exhibition this year.


Still Life


Close up (Love this one!!)


Roses!  I love taking pictures of roses.  They are definitely one of my favorite photography subjects!  :)

I like this one a lot...

This is one of my favorites too!

Another photography class assignment... fill a glass with water and take pictures of your Christmas tree through it.


Two.  (my favorite!!!)

Three.  I love the reflection of the tree in the glass on this one!

The Hot Cocoa I was drinking as I did this assignment.  :)

I love marshmallows.  :)

One of the other assignments:  Take a picture of a Christmas ornament.  I couldn't find one that wasn't reflective, (getting me in the picture as well)  so I made it a little darker on my camera settings.  I actually like how it turned out!  :)  Merry Christmas!

So yesterday we started hanging Christmas lights on our house outside.  Christmas lights.  In November.  :)  But I like decorating for Christmas early and they look really good!  And it was really fun.  I don't have a picture of them on in the dark yet but I will get one up soon!

Our first attempts.  After a few minutes we got the hang of using the gutter clips on the bulbs, that made it go a lot quicker :)

Yes, I did put some up too, although I quit soon after I almost fell off the ladder...

Attaching clips to the bulbs.  I was wearing a necklace and/or halo of lights most the time we were out there :)

I took this picture after we finished for the night.  The string of lights starts at the top, almost in the center of the picture, and continues down to the peak of the roof down at the bottom.  I thought it was a pretty cool picture, even from the weird angle.

Oh wait this was when they were on but 1)  the flash made it lighter and 2)  since I was "light painting", you can't really tell :)  But it is a really cool pic, kind of like a net of light...

More "light painting".

A random picture I took of the sun going down through the trees.

So I am in a photography class this year at my co-op and last week we had an in-class assignment:  we got one hour to complete a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I just wanted to share my pictures that I took and the assignment for that particular picture will be underneath!

Spiral grid AKA fibonacci grid.  You can find an example of this grid at this link.  The spiral is in the petals of the flower.

Repetition.  I took a picture of the rings on the playground from a side angle, creating the repetition.

Frame up.  I took a picture of the same rings, only this time through the middle.  It creates the effect of each ring "framing up" the next.  It is also one of my favorites :)

Diagonal lines.  The object of this assignment was to find natural diagonal lines, which I found in the undersides of the picnic tables.  This picture could count as a frame up as well...

Mini landscape.  This one was probably the most fun.  We had to get down in the grass and find or create a mini landscape.  I took a picture up some taller pieces of grass with the sky in the back.  I really like the blue and green together too.

Blurry background.  In this picture we were supposed to use our depth of field skills.  My friend and I found a pear tree so I took a photo of one of the clusters of pears.  I put my camera to a close up setting and focused on the pear in the front.  Then when the camera focused, the rest was blurred out when the shutter snapped.

Reflection.  The assignment specifically said "no bathroom mirrors"... I used the back windshield of my car :)

Leading lines.  Really no explanation for this one.

Crazy tilt.  We were supposed to find a random subject and then tilt the camera at a weird angle.  Anyone guess what this is?

That's all for now!  More coming soon!

I took a field trip to the train tracks today.  An actual train came by while I was there!  It was super cool!

Here are some more pictures of roses!

I really enjoy taking pictures of the roses in my backyard.  Here are a few of my latest. 

Just FYI, this is a separate page so I can't put separate posts.  That's why all the pictures/"posts" are kind of bunched together.  I am doing my best to separate them with spaces!

Here are some of my latest pictures... I am in a photography class at my school this year so I will have a lot of homework pictures to share ;)

These are all the same flower, I just HAD to take a picture of it after the rain had passed... it was SUPER pretty!

Some purple flowers at Ijams Nature Center... my favorite photography subject AND color!  Bonus!!! ;)

Ok, so I now have a Flickr, where I can share all my photography... here is the link: (just click the blue text)

Coming to Tennessee September 5-15...
The Tennessee Valley Fair!!!

Every year I enter some photography in the fair.  Here are some of the pics for this year!!!



(any guesses as to what this is???) :D