Other Crafts...

Here are some pics of crafts I have done recently (before I created this blog) that I will also be entering in the Tennessee Valley Fair.  Hope ya like them!!!

This is a decorative bottle usually used for a table centerpiece.  I added flowers to mine and put it in my room.  You can also do multiple ones and put something like letters on the front to spell something.  For example, you could take four bottles and put one letter on each "L, O, V, E".

An (unfinished!) drawing of Elsa.

Side 1 of a painted gourd.

The back of the gourd.

The other side.

The front (which is basically a big hole)

This is the quilt I made at a 4-H quilting camp this summer.  I did NOT do the swirly design in the middle! ;)

My mom went to Ethiopia on a mission trip this summer.  I painted the sunset she took a picture of while over there for her birthday.

More coming soon!!!