November 12, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 12

Ok so after I finished this one today, I realized that my rendition of yesterday's theme reminded me of snowmen and today's reminded me of candy canes.  That plus the fact that we started hanging Christmas lights on our house outside make me realized that Christmas is almost here!  I can't wait for all the Christmas crafts, baking, and NAIL ART!!! :)  Anyway, here is today's theme... stripes!

So since I got some new nail polish for my birthday, (!!!) I decided that I wanted to use my new pink polish for a design at some point.  Today I thought about the theme then decided to pair it with white to make a simple stripes pattern (that still requires a little work).  As you can see, it really could pass for a candy cane! :)

First, paint a base coat of pink polish.  I used Pure Ice Pretty in Pink but you can use any shade you want.  I put two coats on just to make sure it covered evenly, especially on the sides.

When the pink base is dry, use tape to tape off a large "gap" down the center of your nail.  It's easier to make the proportions work if you kind of just mentally divide your nail in half, then tape it off to where the "gap" in the middle is the same size as half would be.

Paint the "gap" white, creating a white stripe when you pull off the tape.

When the white stripe is COMPLETELY dry, use more tape to tape off a smaller "gap" down the middle of the white stripe.  Once again, the proportions are easier if you mentally divide the WHITE STRIPE in half then tape off the "gap" to be the size of one half.

Paint the "gap" pink, which will create a pink stripe down the center of the white stripe.  All the stripes should be just about the same size just in the different colors.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this tutorial!  You can really use any colors you want for this, even do each of the 5 stripes a different color.  I will have a tutorial for this out later.  Don't forget to check back tomorrow!