November 19, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 19

Today's theme - Galaxy!  I have always really liked this one, and enjoyed doing it again for the challenge!  I did not take step by step pictures for this one either, so I took the ones from the tutorial I had posted a while back and used them (just FYI, I didn't know if they may/may not seem familiar :D)

First, paint a base coat of black.  Obviously, you will probably not need more than one coat.  Unless you just want one.  :)

On these next steps, you want to move rather quickly, as we do through the gradient nail tutorials I have posted before (sunrise, glitter, etc.).  The goal is to blend these next colors together as much as possible, so we still want them to be a little wet.

Using a makeup sponge, (other kinds of sponges work as well) Dab a "line" of white polish down the center of each nail.  It doesn't have to be perfectly straight at all, remember:  this is a galaxy!

Now, use a different sponge to sponge a lighter shade of pink across the white, leave some black showing though so we will know what it is.

After putting pink on all your nails, go through with a different sponge and put some light blue/turquoise in there.  Have fun with it!

When you have put in all three colors, the white may not be showing up as well.  If this happens, you can go through with your white polish sponge and put some more in a few places for some white "highlights".  

After this, use a nail to put white dots in random places on each nail.  These are "stars".  You can do as many or as few as you like on each nail.

There ya go!