November 20, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 20

Today's theme - Water marble!  I really like how water marble looks, especially how each nail has a different design.  Today I have only used two colors, because I am going to a 4-H Awards Banquet tonight and need it to match :)  However, you can use as many colors as you want!  Before we get started here are some tips on picking polishes/colors for this tutorial.

  • Glitter polish, topcoat, basecoat, textured polishes, and matte finish polishes will NOT work.  For this tutorial, just stick to basic polishes.
  • Polishes that are thick or especially sticky will not work.
  • Don't use super light colors, as they will not show up.
Awesome!  Now let's get started!

First of course, you need to pick your colors.  I will be using tan and hot pink.  You will have to pick at least two colors and I suggest not going over ten.  :)  After you pick your colors, paint your nails with 2 coats of either white or the lightest color in your color selection.  As you can see above, I used tan.

Next, you will need to tape off every single finger so you don't make a huge mess all over your nails cause trust me, it is almost impossible to get this stuff off your hands!

Start by taking a large piece of tape and wrapping it around your finger like a large ring, putting the bottom edge just above your cuticle.

After that, take a long thin strip of tape and, starting on one side of your nail, put the edge of the tape up against your nail and go down towards the tip, then turn and go across the tip of your finger, then turn again and come up the other side.  A picture is above to show what it should look like.

Do this on all your nails, on both hands.  It should look like the ends of your finger are all bandaged up :)  After all, we are about to do some "nail doctoring".  :)

For the actual water marbling part, you will need a cup filled almost to the top with room temperature water.  It must NOT be super hot or super cold, if it is, the water marbling WILL NOT WORK.

Starting with your lighter polish, start putting drops of polish in the water, always dropping it in the center.  If you drop the polish in from to far up, it will just sink to the bottom.  The best way to do it (for me anyway)  is to shake a large drop down to the end of your brush, then gently touch it to the water and let it set on the surface.  You need to do this quickly so that the colors don't bunch up in the middle.

Keep adding drops of polish until they don't spread out any more when you drop them in.

When you have added all the drops you want, use a toothpick or pointy metal tool to swirl the polishes around together, making designs on the water.  The polish will have formed a "screen" of sorts on the surface, so you CAN'T push the toothpick into it.  Also, if you swirl from the outside of the circle, don't start on the very outside edge.  Start a couple rings in where the polish has not set as much.

After you have your design on the water, pick the part you want on your nail and place your finger OVER it, not in it yet.  Hold your fingernail at a 90 degree angle just over the water with the very tip over the BOTTOM of the part you want on your nail. 

Moving quickly, push your finger straight down into the water and hold it there for a second.  After 5-10 seconds, pull it out and, using a napkin or Q-tip, go around the outside edge of your nail soaking up the water.  DO NOT TOUCH THE POLISH ITSELF!

When you pull off the tape, the outer edges will most likely be a little messy but that is okay.  We will take care of that in a little bit.

Here I just put more drops in the water.  If you have a bigger section like this, after making your design you could dip 2 or 3 fingers in at once, depending how you want them.  If you have a really big cup and and a really really big section, you could even dip all your fingers at once!

Left hand.  I did this hand last and I think that I like the way it turned out better.  The thumbnail is my absolute favorite!

Right hand.  I don't know what happened to the thumbnail on this one!  :)

Here are close ups of all the nails individually.  As you can see, I put my left thumbnail, my favorite, in the large spot :)  I REALLY like the way it turned out!

There is the water marble!  I believe tomorrow we are starting the final section... inspired by!  See ya then!