October 14, 2014

Fall Break Day 2 - Re-doing my nails

Well... it looks like today's project was re-doing my nails... just kidding.  I forgot I had an online class and tonight I have to do some stuff sooo... I started another project this morning but will finish it tomorrow.  For now, on to pumpkin/fall nail art!

- Nail Polish;
Brown or Gold
- Nail
- Toothpick

First, paint your nails yellow.  This is your base coat and will show up a lot so you might want to do 2-3 coats.

Next, paint orange tips on ALL BUT YOUR RING FINGER.  Option #2 - Paint a base coat of white, then tape off the top 1/3 and paint the bottom orange, then tape off the top 2/3 and paint the tip white - Candy corn!  If you do go with this option though, keep your ring finger blank yellow/white.

On your ring finger, paint the tip green.  

*The rest of the time you will only be working on your ring finger*  Next, using a nail dipped in orange polish, use small dots to make a larger circle shape on your nail, making it look like it is "sitting" on the green, which is your "grass".

Now, using your brown or gold, paint a "stem" on your pumpkin and add highlights to the pumpkin part when it is dry.

You're done!  Later I may post a picture with the Candy Corn option...  For now, coming up tomorrow is... Fall Break Day 3 - Re-doing the corner of my room with my dresser in it!  (or something like that ;D)