October 16, 2014

Fall Break Day 3 - Re-doing the Corner of my Room

Hey guys!  Sorry I did not get this posted yesterday, I was up late cleaning and had to go to bed ;)  Anyway, today (or actually, it was yesterday) I re-did the corner of my room.  My room is set up where there is a big part, then a little corner part, which I am talking about.  In this corner part is where my dresser and jewelry is.

Before - Drawers are open, and random stuff is on the floor in front of it.  I also have a habit of neatly stacking stuff on top (I promise it's neat!) but it kinda gets in the way.

After - Drawers are shut (and I re-did the inside of 'em too!), floor is cleaned up, and I un-stacked (is that a word?) the top.  What you see on top now is just picture frames.  I have a lot of pictures ;)

Later tonight I will post Fall Break Day 4.  I have already started my project(s).  So stay tuned!  Oh, and make sure to vote on my polls (-->) and comment your guess on the Mystery Photo of the Day #1!