October 20, 2014


Hey everyone!  Here is the answer to last weeks picture, as well as the all new mystery photo for this week!  If you did NOT get a chance to comment on the last one, make sure you do on this one!

The actual answer for last weeks photo was a Cheerwine Float (with a straw!)... but... since the ice cream and soda was all stirred together (I didn't get the idea until I was almost done :D) I'm going to pass it THIS ONCE as a milkshake, because that's what it looks most like.  Great guesses to everyone who guessed!

And here is the NEW mystery photo.  I do not have a final answer photo for this as I had to do it for a photography assignment a while back but I will still just post the answer. 

Also, I know I have not posted my Fall Break Day 4 yet (there will be no day 5, I had school that day then some friends came over) but it will be up soon!

Have a great week!