December 23, 2014

Mystery Photo Contest!

Ok everyone, I am opening up a contest that will close in 2 WEEKS!  (Jan. 6, 2015)  So you have 2 WEEKS to take a mystery photo of your own, (the mystery photo AND the answer).  Then send the photo and answer in to me and it will be posted as the MPOTW at some point afterwards.  My email (send the photos there) is  You can use anything to take the photo, camera, iPhone, iPod, anything.  And if you have sent one in BEFORE the end of December, you can send in more up to Jan. 6.


In the email...
1.  You MUST include the "answer photo", as well as the mystery photo.
2.  You MUST include your name, but I will not post your name unless it's ok with you.  (So make sure and tell me that too)
3.  You MUST tell me in words what the answer to the photo is, because I can't post it if I don't know :)

Remember, my email is  Send in your photos, as well as the info mentioned above, by Jan 6, 2015.  And after Jan. 1, you can send in other pictures.  The limit per person is 3.

Have fun!