November 9, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 9

Here is day 9.  I can't believe that we're almost 1/3 of the way through the challenge!  Have any of ya'll had trouble keeping up?  I think I've only forgotten once and had to do it the next day :)  Anyway, here is my rainbow!

I did "rainbow slants" for today's theme, which is pretty much what it's name is.  Rainbow slants.  :)  It is kind of hard to tell the red and orange apart, which I realized after I did it.  But just for clarification, red is on top and orange is on the bottom.  The tutorial is below!

First, I painted a base coat on each nail of the color that comes "first", not nessecarily the lightest or darkest.  Now the colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple (violet).  I took out indigo because I don't have that color and it left me with 6.  So then I just divided them up into pairs; red + orange, yellow + green, and blue + purple.  That left me painting, from left to right, the "base coat colors" of yellow, red, blue, yellow, red.  The blue + purple is the only combination that doesn't repeat.

Next, I taped off the top half of each nail at a diagonal.  You can also do this vertically or horizontally, I just chose the diagonal line for this design.

After you have taped each nail, you will add the second color of that particular pair.  From left to right, (you are painting the uncovered side of your nail) the colors added will be green, orange (remember, on mine it's hard to tell the red and orange apart), purple, green, and orange again.

There you go!  Tomorrow's theme - gradient.  I would love to see what some of you could come up with for that!  Feel free to send me pictures, I will post!