November 4, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 4

Hey everyone!  Here is day 4 of the nail challenge, the theme is green.  And by the way, all the "final product" pictures are on my nail challenge page.

I took a design I had done a while back and changed the colors around to fit the theme.  I painted a green base with tan circles... tutorial is below :)

First, paint a green base.  I think I used two coats for my base but it really just depends on the shade of your particular color.  And you can do this design with any color(s).

When the base is dry, use a nail or bobby pin to put tan dots on your nails.  You can do as many or as few as you like.

When the tan is completely dry (and it is super important that it is!) use a toothpick or the sharp tip of your nail to put smaller green dots in the center of each tan dot, creating the effect of tan circles.

Here is a picture my friend Megan sent me for day 4 as she is taking up the challenge as well :)

Check back soon!  Oh, and my new mystery photo is out, make sure to guess on that as well.