October 14, 2014


Hey guys!

I just wanted to post a little update on my blog. 

First, I obviously have a LOT of nail art posts on here ;)  When I started this blog this summer, I really didn't have much time to do a lot of crafts with swimming and all that still going on.  I promise that there will be a lot more crafts coming up.  (I'm still keeping the nail art though!! :D)

Second, I also have a lot of pages at the top ;)  It's obvious what "home" and "about me" is, then we get into "my photography.  My photography is very creatively labeled don't you think? ;) It's literally what it's called: my photography.  And speaking of photography, I am going to start doing a "mystery photo of the week".  Mystery Photo of the Week (or MPOTW) is where I will post on the home page a mystery photo.  You can then comment or email what you think it is and when I post the next picture the next week, I will tell you in that post what it is.  The picture will either be a "zoom in" of a bigger picture (for example, if I zoomed in on the center of a rose, you could guess "a rose" and you would be correct) or just a random picture (for example, a close up of a fire ant, which is a really random example).

The next page, other crafts, is pretty much crafts that are hard to tie a DIY to, but I still want to show them to you, or crafts that were previously done that I did not make a DIY to.  

After that is "blogs I read" which is also obvious (LOL) so we'll move on to the next one:  30-day Nail Art Challenge.  Since this is a page about a 30 day challenge, it has a deadline.  So at the end of November, I will have nothing to post on there until next year (unless I decide to create a "year long nail art challenge".  Just kidding.)  I will most likely still keep the page up though so you can still look at it.

And while we're talking about pages, that leads me to my polls.  (over on this side -->)  One poll is "should I re-design my blog, which is where you vote on whether or not you want me to re-design my blog.  There is also a "maybe" for all the maybe people out there ;) (like me)  The other poll is "should I add a baking page".  If I did add a baking page, it would be a page where I would post recipes and "how-tos" on baking.  For example, I could post a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and show a picture of the chocolate chip cookies after I make them.  Or, YOU could send me pictures of stuff YOU have made and I can post that with a description.  For another example, yesterday I had a friend (you know who you are!!!) text me a picture of some hippo cupcakes she had made.  They looked amazing and I am definitely going to put a picture if she's ok with that ;)  Also, sometimes I might post I recipe with pictures of all the steps as I make whatever it is.

Ok.  Done with pages so now I just have two more things.  

1.  At the bottom of each post, there are a bunch of "share" buttons, where you can share my post to other places, like twitter, facebook, and pinterest.  However, over on the right side of the "comment" button, there is what looks like a little envelope with an arrow coming out of it.  When you hit this button, a page comes up where you can EMAIL THAT POST TO A FRIEND/FRIENDS.  When you do this is helps get the word out about my blog and lets more people see it.  

2. At the very bottom of the page, there is what looks like a search bar but above it it say "follow me by email" or something like that.  If you enter your email into this box then every time I make a new post, an email will automatically be sent to you with the new post in it.  That way it's easier to know when I make a new post ;)

Oh, and if there is anything you think I should change on my blog or anything I could do to make it better, please comment and let me know!

That's it for now!
More coming soon!