October 13, 2014

Fall Break Day 1 - Re-doing my Closet!

So since I'm on Fall Break this week, I'm going to try to do a different "before and after" project each day.  I don't know if that will actually happen (lol) but here's todays project: re-doing my closet! (and I promise I have not edited these any! ;D)

Before - Front view.  You can mostly see the stuff all over the floor.

Before - Left side view.  Still just mostly the stuff on the floor.  I don't use the shelf above it on this side much...

Before - Right side view.  The floor and the shelf above it.  That shelf is where I keep most of my bags.

After - Front view.  No stuff on the floor, I added a shelf and scarf rack, and I re-did my name at the top! ;)

After - Left side view.  No stuff on the floor, no stuff on the floor, and no stuf-- just kidding, I took all the clothes out and put them back in a different order... I don't know why...

After - Right side view.  No stuff on the floor (what is this, the fifth time I've said that? ;D) and I cleaned up the shelf above it... I also got rid of some belts that didn't fit and put my summer clothes over there (it was just winter clothes on the other side).

And that's what I did all of day 1 during my Fall Break!  Maybe tomorrow's project will just be re-doing my nails ;)  Just kidding, I think I'm either going to clean up my crafting room or re-do the corner of my room with my dresser and jewelry.  I may throw in a nail makeover too ;)  Come back soon!