September 3, 2014

DIY - Puzzle Piece Nail Art - Taping, Dotting

Ok, here is the promised Puzzle Piece Nail Art!!! And just FYI, I've have started putting the techniques used in each DIY next to the title; for example, this DIY used taping and dotting in the design so, after the title, I put "Taping, Dotting".  Just letting ya'll know!!!

For this DIY you will need:
Pink and white nail polish
A nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin

Sally Hanson - Hard to Get
NYC New York Color - Pink Promenade Creme
Nail - You can also use a sewing pin with a ball or flat circle on the end or a bobby pin that has a little ball on the open end.
You also need tape but I can never keep up with it to put it in the picture ;)

First, paint a base coat of the white.  As always, it may need 2-3 coats depending on the shade you have.

After the white base coat is completely dry, put a small piece of tape across each nail at a slant.  It should look like you are dividing your nail in half diagonally.

Paint the uncovered side with your pink polish.  After it is partially dry, carefully pull the tape off of your nail.  It should have one side pink and one side white with a slant.

To speed up the drying process for these next steps, use a hair dryer on a cool setting.  When your pink and white is dry, take a paper plate and put a few drops of pink polish on it.  Take your nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin and dip the round end in the paint.  Quickly press the end down onto your nail at the top on the white side.  The circle should be on the white side but still have one edge barely touching the pink, creating a "puzzle piece" effect.

Clean the end of your nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin and repeat with the white paint.  This time, the circle should be at the bottom on the pink side, as shown.

You're done!!! Go show off your puzzle pieces!!!