September 3, 2014

DIY - Nail Art - Taping, Dotting

This design and pictures are from my sister, Emma, who asked me to post.  She said she is not sure what it is called but here it is! ;)

For this DIY you need:
White, light pink, hot pink, and glitter nail polish
A nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin

I'm not sure of the names of any of these colors but they are a hot pink, light pink, white, and glitter.  Tape, scissors, and a nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin complete your supplies.

I was not around when she did this, but I will do my best to explain all the steps ;)  First, paint a base coat of light pink.  When it is completely dry, cut a narrow strip of tape and place it down the middle of each nail at a slant.  

Paint the uncovered part of your nail with hot pink, leaving a light pink stripe down the middle.  Pull the tape off and let it dry.

Next, take a paper plate and put a couple drops of white polish on it.  Using your nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin, put a dot of white in the middle of the center stripe on each nail by dipping the round end in your paint and pressing it onto your nail.  You have to do this rather quickly, or it will not work.

When it is all dry, add a coat of glitter polish and your done!!!