September 3, 2014

DIY - Galaxy Nail Art - Sponging, Dotting

This is my favorite design so far, Galaxy Nail Art!!!  It requires a little bit more time, but it looks REALLY cool at the end!!!

For this DIY you'll need:
Nail Polish
Light pink
Light blue
Silver glitter
A nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin
Several makeup sponges - I bought a package of 32 wedge applicator sponges.  I then cut off the tip of one, about 1/4 of the sponge.  Then I just used that for everything, which I will explain later on.

Pure Ice - I'm not sure of the name, it's a light pink
Sally Hanson - Black Heart
Sally Hanson - Hard to Get
Sally Hanson - Ice Queen
Ombre - Not sure of the name, its a medium-light turquoise
A makeup sponge
Nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin

First, paint a base coat of your black nail polish.  This will not show up much by the time you finish, you just need a base coat of it to create a "galaxy" effect.

When the black is dry, put some white polish on a paper plate.  Dip a corner of your sponge into it and dab it down your nail in a line.  Don't put to much on there or it will not have a "spongy" effect.

After the white is about halfway dry, do the same with the light pink but do not follow the same path.  Kind of do it across the white at a slant.

Next, after the pink is about halfway dry, do the same with the turquoise, going across the white and pink at the opposite slant.  Note: Use a different corner of your sponge for each color.

Go through with white again, highlighting parts of it to show up more.  Do not completely trace it over again though, or the pink and turquoise will not show up. 
When the sponged parts are dry, use your nail, bobby pin, or sewing pin to dab 1,2, or 3 dots on each nail.  These are your "stars".

When everything is completely and totally dry, put a coat or two of silver glitter polish on top.  This completes your galaxy effect!  Mine happened to have a few larger pieces of blue and pink glitter mixed with the silver that matched perfectly! ;)  Add a topcoat afterwards if desired.