May 9, 2015

DIY - Bottle Cap Locket

Hey y'all!  So, for this DIY, I am going to show you how to make a bottle cap locket.  For some reason, I have always wanted a locket (not sure where the idea came from) and when I was at home a couple weeks ago I decided to Google it and see if I could just make one.  This is the easiest one I could find that did not require a bunch of expensive, professional tools.  And you can decorate it pretty much anyway you want :)  So, to get started, you will need:

- Two bottle caps -- I used a white one and a silver one that I bought at a craft store a while back to make bottle cap pins (which explains the My Little Pony photos glued inside :P) but you can use Coke, etc as well.
- Scissors
- Thin, white string (or strong thread)
- A needle
- Mini beads
- Buttons, sequins, or anything else you may want to decorate it with
- A hot glue gun
- Needle nose pliers
- Thin ribbon (1/8")
- A jewelry chain -- I took the chain off of a dog tag necklace I have and used it since I didn't have another at the moment.
- Paper or photos to glue inside

- Mod Podge (if desired)

This photo shows most of the supplies.  You can get Mod Podge in several different containers - I chose the one that made it easy to apply it more like glue.  Also, I don't have a photo for the first step.  Using the needle nose pliers, flatten the edges of your bottle caps as much as possible.  You can also use a hammer, but when I tried that my bottle cap got destroyed :P

*Please ignore the My Little Pony photos inside my bottle caps.  These were former bottle cap pins and I couldn't get the photos out without messing it up.  They will be covered up later :)

When your bottle caps have been flattened, cut a piece of ribbon about 3" long.  Use the hot glue gun to glue one end inside each bottle cap, leaving about 1"- 1 1/2" of ribbon in between.  Make sure it is secure.

Next, string beads on your string or thread until you have enough to circle the top of one bottle cap.  You can use any color(s) and size you want, but I would suggest not getting too big.  When you have strung enough beads, tie the ends together in a tight knot, creating a ring as shown in photo #2 above.  This next step is optional but if you want you can use a needle or sewing pin to pull the ends of the string back through a few beads on each side.  This makes the knot less noticeable when you cut the string.  After you have done this, cut the ends of the string and hot glue the bead ring around the edge of one bottle cap.

Fold your locket in half and, using a needle and thread, sew a few stitches across the ribbon, as shown.  You can use any color you want, since I had white ribbon I used blue to match my beads since it would show up.  This stitch will keep the locket from falling off the chain.

Attach the chain through the loop left at the top of the ribbon.

Hot glue any embellishments desired on the front of your locket.  I just used one button, but you can use anything you want.  Then, use a glue stick or craft glue to put paper or photos inside.  When it is dry, cover them with Mod Podge for a shiny, finished effect.

And you're done!!  Comment below with any DIY ideas you might want to see :)  See you again soon!