September 9, 2014

... and the results are in!!!

Hey guys!!! Here are some of the creations I entered in the Tennessee Valley Fair this year.  I work on these projects all year round and take 'em down to the fairgrounds every September!!!  They stay on display for about two weeks them I pick them up and bring them home to enjoy!  So here they are!

Painting, "Tree of Life" - First Place:  I did this in a school art class over the course of three-four weeks.  Everyone did something similar to this and all the variations were super cool!

Painting, "Seasons" - Best of Show:  I did this at home over the course of 2-3 weeks.  It is supposed to be kind of "abstract-y" with the four seasons depicted in different sections of the canvas: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall/Autumn.  

Skirt - Best of Show:  I made this at home for Easter.  I think I actually made it over the course of about 2 days because I was so excited to finish my first clothing project on my own ;)

Dress - Best of Show:  This Dress I made at 4-H Sewing Camp this summer.  The Extension Agents put it at the top of the display so it wouldn't get stolen so it is kind of hard to see ;)  I will post a better picture after I get it back.

Photography, Building - Second:  This is the top of a Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic.  I went to Prague back in October (2013) and took this picture while I was there.  I accidentally cut off the top of the tower... I'm actually not sure how that happened ;)

Photography, People - First (the blue ribbon!):  I went outside the day before the drop-off deadline and randomly took this picture.  It actually did pretty good!!!

Baking, White Chocolate/Butterscotch Cookies - Best of Show:  Ok, so the Fair Staff had to change the tag on these cookies I entered.  For some reason they put them in the "lower calorie cookies" category which didn't make sense... These cookies contain 2 sticks of butter, 3 cups of sugar, and a ton of other un-named high calorie ingrediants... I don't think any further explanation to my confusion is necessary ;)

Decorative Bottle - Third:  I made this at a 4-H project group night during the previous "4-H year".  I added the (fake!) flowers to match my room and put it on my dresser.  You can do lots of fun stuff with these and use them for practically anything!!!

Painting, "untitled" - First:  My mom went on a mission trip to Ethiopia back in July.  While she was there, she took a LOT of pictures.  One of them was of an Ethiopian sunset.  I painted the sunset for her birthday in August and "borrowed" it back to enter in the fair ;)

Vest - Second:  Back in the Spring, I was visiting my cousin and we were playing around with some fabric.  We ended up designing and sewing a vest entirely on our own!!!  Sadly, her sewing machine messed up right at the end and we were unable to finish the vests together before I had to go home... but... I brought the piece(s) back with me and finished it to enter!!!  Yay!!!

Cross-stitch - First:  I also started this cross-stitch with my cousin (we do a lot of crafts together ;D) back in the Spring.  I meant to finish it over the Summer but I was so busy with swim team and 4-H camps that I didn't pick it back up until around the middle of August.  The one time this Summer I was able to work on it, I couldn't find the pattern!  ;(  Oh well, it's finished now ;)

Salsa - Didn't place:  This summer I also attended a 4-H canning class.  It was super fun and we learned all the basics of making/canning salsa.  It tastes really good too!!!

Quilt - First:  I made my first quilt this summer at a 4-H summer quilting camp.  I'm telling you, 4-H has camps for EVERYTHING!!!   Seriously!!! ;)  It was super fun learning how to piece the quilt top... the worst part was probably waiting to pick it up from the store where the lady put the design in it!  (I strongly dislike waiting ;D)

Table Top Demonstration: How to Sew a Pillow - Best of Show:  Every year, 4-Her's in the 4-8 grades put together some kind of demonstration on how to do something or informing people of something.  I presented mine at Local level where it then went on to County and won, Regional and won second, then back to County to win again!  (You can't advance to state until high school)  Now, It's on display at the fair... I wonder how many people have touched my pillow in the past 5 days???

Painted Gourd - Second:  I entered my painted gourd over in the adult entry building.  I have pictures of the 4 "sides" (it's round so I don't think it really has sides ;D) at this page (scroll down some).  Here you can pretty much see the bird on one side and part of the tree.  You really have to see the flowers up close to tell what they are.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this post!!!  The fair only comes once a year and I make the most of it when it does come!  Also, you are pretty much getting paid to display your stuff so that is a bonus ;)  More coming soon!!!