March 3, 2015

Sugar Cookies... One of Life's Pleasures :)

Ok, so sugar cookies may seem like one of the most simple kinds of cookies - but they (and the cookie dough!!) are one of my favorites.  I mean, with all the butter and sugar in them, how much better can they get?!  :)  The recipe is already on the Baking page - under "Christmas Cookies" or something because I posted the recipe when I made them at Christmas - but I wanted to post some pictures here since I made them again tonight.

This is what the cookie dough should look like - if it even stays around long enough to get a chance to see it :)  At my house, it seems like we eat as much cookie dough as we bake!!  :)

The five short minutes it takes for them to cool feels like a loooong 5,000,000 years.  Especially if you just stand in front of them and stare at them the whole time. 

Getting closer...

It took long enough!! :)  But anyway, here's one of life's pleasures - check out the Baking page for the recipe!!