January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!! It's 2015!!!

Yes, I am posting this at 12:00AM.  Yes, I am posting this in 2015.  Yes, this is my first blog post in 2015.  Yes, this post is about FIREWORKS!  This is basically a photography post showing all the firework-y fun (yes, I also just made up that word) we had tonight.  Well, technically last night :P  The people shown in these pictures are my lovely siblings/cousins, who were here to share the fun.  Oh, and I think I may have made it into a couple too :)  Ok, enough rambling... here we go!  :D

Roman Candles

More Roman Candles

I'm not sure which one was going off in the picture but I like it :)

"Fog Machine" :)

This was like the best one I got all night!  I was so excited that it turned out so good!
More Roman Candles.  These were actually really good for getting pictures with.
Ok this is like my total complete favorite from all night!  This is my cousin, Mia, waving a sparkler around in a circle.  It turned out so great and I wasn't even trying to get this shot!  :)
Saturn Missile
Ella Kate with her sparkler
Mia and Ella Kate duo :)
This is Ava with a perfect sparkler circle :)  It's so awesome!
Emma was setting everything around her on fire :) (not really lol)
Ava with her sparkler again
So you know how at circuses and stuff they have the people with the fire lassos?  Well this is what this looks like... or a fire baton on steroids :)
Another one of my favorite shots
Caption dubbed by Ethan and Brock - Firework Backfire
This is like the favorite from all night.  Another description the boys came up with was "Heaven meets Earth".  One of the fireworks went haywire and shot the missile things everywhere!  Literally!  One went flying past my head and another went across the street and exploded in the neighbors front yard right in front of his window.  And he was trying to sleep.  lol.  :)  We love the picture though, cause it's the only one I got during that little episode :)
This looks like a fire breathing dragon :)
Hey, I'm in this one!
These are all Roman Candles
The Grand Finale of 2014.  Happy New Year everyone!