December 17, 2014

"O Christmas Tree..." - A Different Kind of Tree

I like Christmas.  A lot.  Especially the Christmas baking and food.  I'm sure you do too :)  Anyway, a few years ago, my friend and I entered a Gingerbread house contest.  It was super fun building and decorating the house.  I can't remember if we won or not, (this was a LONG time ago :D)  but I still remember all the fun we had putting it together.  At that point, winning didn't really even matter.  We just liked having fun
together.  I haven't done anything else like that since... until this year.  A lady at my church gave me a little gingerbread kit for building a Christmas Tree.  Pre-baked, Pre- everything.  Except put together.  And that's the fun part!  Yeah, I like the baking part too, but the best part is putting it together.  So that's what I did.  I built... A Different Kind of Tree.  

The kit.

The "taken apart" kit :)

This is what it will look like... sort of... just prettier...

Step 1 - Apply WHITE frosting to each cookie, then stack them, alternating the points to create the effect of a tree.

Applying more frosting.  To more cookies.

So far, so good.

It's a little taller now...

Done!  (It took about 30-45 mins just to get this part done... yeah)

I like photography, so I took this pic.  It looks pretty cool!  Oh yeah, and after you put the frosting on, you sprinkle sugar all over it.  That's what the sparkly stuff is :)

Next step (2 I think)  - Use the GREEN frosting to go around the edge of each cookie.  This makes it look like a tree.

Working my way up... (this was the super tedious part :) )

All done!

The top view... again.

Next - Use these little edible pearl candies to "decorate" your tree.  I think I put enough... what do you think?

The final touch - The Star!

I added a "little" more sugar too... can you see it?  :)

The star on top.

The "top shot" again.  :)

And that's my Gingerbread Tree for ya!  Coming up soon.... Christmas candy!  And cookies!  Or, in other words, my BAKING PAGE!  :)