November 15, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 14

Hey everyone!  I am so sorry I did not get this posted yesterday.  I had them done but did not have enough time to post as it was a really busy day.  I will have today's up later.  For now, here is yesterdays!  Today's (well, yesterdays) theme was flowers.

Since I got some new nail polish yesterday, I decided to use it to create my flower pattern.  I ended up with a dark purple base with light purple and white flowers, along with little white dots in the negative space.  The tutorial is below!

First, paint a dark purple base.  I did two coats just to make sure that I had full coverage.

Next, use a nail (bobby pins or straight pins work as well) to dab little dots of light purple polish on in the shape of flowers.  They don't have to all be complete flowers, as you can see I have some that just show 2 or 3 "petals".  You can also put as many or as few as you like on a nail.

When the light purple is dry, go through with your nail and white polish and put dots of white in the centers of each flower.  On the half flowers, I just positioned the nail to where half of it was on the flower and the other half was on my skin and put the dot.  I then used a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove the polish from my skin.

Finally, I used the tip of my nail to put little white dots in the negative space around the flowers.

There you go!  A cute little flowers pattern made up entirely of dots!  Check back later today for todays theme - A delicate print.