February 1, 2015


Hey everyone!!  I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long, I have plenty of stuff to share but I have been having more computer issues :/  Anyway, it will have to wait like another week and a half because... I am in Nashville attending TeenPact Leadership School!!  Yay!!  I have been looking forward to this for sooooooooooo long, the only thing is, we are "media free" all week.  Sooo... I will not be able to post from the campground BUT I will have pictures when I return.  For now though, I want to show you the really cool TeenPact nail art I did, with the logo on my accent nail :)

Sorry it isn't the greatest picture, I will try to get another next week.  But, that is the TeenPact logo on my accent nail then I just did the rest blue because since one nail tried my patience, I'm pretty sure that TEN nails would DEFINATELY try my patience.  Or even wear it out completely.  Or just.... oh I don't know :)  So, yeah, that's what's going on right now... oh and by the way... the next two mystery pictures are SCHEDULED to post on Monday the 2 (tomorrow) and Monday the 9 (next Monday).