November 19, 2014

30 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 15

Today's theme - Delicate print.  At first I meant for these to be Dragonflies but then I accidentally made the wings rounded without realizing it so they became butterflies.  :)  I had to hurry and did not get pictures taken for a tutorial but I will still post the steps because its really easy.  

1.  Paint a white base coat.
2. Using a toothpick, start putting little groups of four "wings", two on each side, anywhere on your nails, as shown in the photo above.  You can use any color you like.
3.  Add a black line down the center of the "wings", making it stick out a little longer on one end than the other.  This is the "body" of your butterfly.  

Sorry I did not get this up on the 15th!  I did not have access to a computer to get it up.  Today I am posting through day 19 and tomorrow I will have day 20 and continue from there.